Lake Como Property for Sale & Rent: Lakeside Waterfront Villas

For centuries shores of the ever-mesmerizing Lake Como have served as a source of inspiration for aristocrats, poets, and for countless other people who seek peace in nature & solitude. It is due to this stature that today the Province of Lake Como has become one of the most sought after places on the planet to own a house and for a peaceful vacation.

Below we have provided a descriptive overview of a few most acclaimed waterfront properties for sale & rent in the Lake Como province.

Villa Orlanda

Town: Bellagio

Area (Square meters): Living 470

Floors: 3

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 2


Built in early 20th century, this Italian villa is built with the liberty architecture, which depicts the artistic & cultural life of Italy of that era. A waterfront property with 6 bedrooms, modernized bathrooms, marvel fireplaces, a boathouse, Villa Orlanda is certainly one of the best properties for sale in the Lake Como region. The villa is also sought after for its nearness from the Malpensa airport, world-famous hotels, and many tourist destinations in the region.


Villa Flora

Town: Lenno

Area (Square meters): Ground – 1000, Living – 400

Floors: 3

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 6

waterfront villa in Varenna on Lake Como

Set at a quiet point in the central Lake Como region, this waterfront for-sale luxurious villa is a world in itself. 6 bedrooms, 2 large garages, spacious boat house (with capacity, up to a 8-meter long boat), 2 wide terraces at the lakefront, this Lake Como property provides a perfect escape for a large family vacation. From the villa, one can enjoy a hypnotising view of the lake, and of Bellagio & Varenna towns, across the shore.


Villa Diva

Town: Como

Area (Square meters): Ground – 2000, Living – 450

Floors: 3

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3


Surrounded by natural landscape garden on the lakefront side, Villa Diva is situated at as best a location as one can hope for. Another key feature that puts this waterfront Lake Como property in limelight is that it is nestled opposite to the world-famous grand hotel Villa D-Este. All rooms in this luxurious Italian villa have access to a marvelous columned terrace, connected to flat garden adjacent to the house building. Other notable features of this property include a private boathouse & a floating pontoon.


If you are planning a family vacation to Lake Como this spring, or want to own a house at Lake Como region, reach us at, and we will make it happen.

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Best Website to Check Luxury Properties, Villas in Lake Como

Are you looking for luxury villas, real estate properties and houses for rent in lake como, Italy?

There are various websites in search engines provide a long list of luxury properties of como area. But most of them are listing based sites but not linked to local real estate agent of lake como Italy.

It’s always feel comfortable when you are in person with local agent and asking for complete details about luxury property, local govt rules and other related formalities.

For this reason, it’s important to find a local real estate agent in lake como area who understands your basic needs and guide you with accurate details about Italian luxury real estate properties. owned by Marco who have been in this industry since 2000. Visit website, check all listed luxury villas for sale and rent or ask your direct queries at +39 3394817794.

Thank you for a read.

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Lakeside Waterfront Villa at Lenno, Lake Como [Historical Villa]

Villa I Platani

There are quite a few places around Lake Como, where Luxury and tranquility goes hand in hand. The Waterfront villa at Lake Como called Villa I Platani is one such lavish abode that ushers in modern amenities and antique furniture. This historical property strewn with mature trees was built in the 19th century and has one of the largest lakefront parklands on the lake.

Waterfront villa at Lake Como for Rent

The lakeside villa not only has open space and unique design but it captures the eye of every visitor.


The best thing about Villa I Platani is its location, which is brimming with old-world charm. The villa faces the lake with an unobstructed view from all sides. It is also surrounded by a garden with a unique charm. It has an English romantic style punctuated by exotic mature trees and shrubs. The villa has been preserved to its best and highest standards.

waterfront villa lake como for rent

About property

When it comes to privacy and security, Villa I Platani leaves no stone unturned.  High walls and hedges fence the villa, which not only offers ample privacy but also aids security. The property is also equipped with an alarm system that is connected to a security company offering you round the clock safety. The villa has a ground area of 6000 sqm, while the build area is 750 sqm.

Lake Como Real Estate


There are three floors in the villa with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The first floor has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with amazing lake views. The second floor has three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with one house cleaner’s room and en-suite bathroom. There is a large dining room beside the living area, a large kitchen, a breakfast nook (all with direct access to the garden), and a powder room.


Other Amenities

This is where things start to get interesting. The villa offers a perfect mix of antique furniture with modern creature comforts. The entrance to the villa is via an elegant foyer with two separate living areas having a piano and TV. The walls of the foyer and the living room are wainscoted. The stonewalls on the main floor are decorated with silk wallpaper. The combination of all architectural elements with sumptuous pieces of furniture and paintings creates an atmosphere of old-world luxury. The villa also comes with Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Other Features:

If you are interested in this villa, then there are certain features that you will be provided on request. This includes:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Boat Tours
  • Shopping with an expert guide
  • Seaplane tours
  • Special massage and spa treatments
  • Horse Trails
  • Sailing lessons
  • Hiking tours

Villa around Lake Como

All these features and amenities make Villa I Platani one of the most sought after Villa around Lake Como. Visit our website to know more about us.

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Lake Como view from a Luxury Villa, available for sale at Laglio

Lake Como view from a Luxury Villa that available for sale at Laglio, LakeComo

Location: Lakeside Waterfront

Living Area: 420

Ground Area: 1400

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 4

Floors: 3

Lake Como view from a Luxury Villa, available for sale at Laglio

Lake Como view from a Luxury Villa, available for sale at Laglio

Main Features:
• Boathouse for a 24 foot boat – this boathouse has deep water all year round.
• Floating pontoon
• Electric shutters that can be controlled all together
• Alarm system and Cctv
• Special wooden floors
• Special marble floor in the living room ( “palladiana” )
• Solid iron windows on the ground floor with thick double glazing
• Windows in wood handmade by a joiner.
• Tailor-made fitted-in furniture possibly available ( not included in the price )
• waterfront property
• lake view and special mountain view
• lift
• architectural barrier-free access

Want to buy this Villa? Contact Now

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5 Luxury Homes for Sale at Lake Como, Italy

If you are planning to buy a luxury home at the one of most beautiful places in the world, then you have come to the right place, and just at the right time. Currently, there are many exquisite villas available for sale at Lake Como. Here are 5 of the most luxurious villas for sale at the shores of world’s most romantic lake.

Go through the list, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your dream home in here:

#1. Villa Lide Laglio Lake como

Town: Torno  | Area in sqm: 1400 | Bedrooms: 5 | Bathrooms: 4

Villa Lide Laglio Lake como

Villa Lide Laglio Lake como

Villa Lidé is one of the best examples of the rationalist architecture on Lake Como near the end of the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

More Info link:

#2. Villa Ripiego del Sole

Town: Laglio  | Area in sqm: 1000 | Bedrooms: 6 | Bathrooms: 5

Villa Ripiego in Carate Lake Como

Villa Ripiego in Carate Lake Como

Buy this luxury lakefront villa in Laglio at the shore of Lake Como. The six Bedrooms home has its own boathouse, parking for three cars and a private pool

More Info link:

#3. Villa Orlanda for Sale

Town: Bellagio  | Living Area in sqm: 470 | Bedrooms: 6 | Bathrooms: 2

Villa Orlanda for Sale Villa Orlanda for Sale

Luxury period home with boat house for sale at lake Como. Buy 6 bedrooms lakefront villa at world’s most beautiful location. Contact us now.

More Info link:

#4. Villa Liberty at Bellagio, Lake Como

Town: Bellagio  | Area in sqm: 1500 | Bedrooms: 7 | Bathrooms: 5

Villa Liberty at Bellagio, Lake Como Villa Liberty at Bellagio, Lake Como

Property At Lake Como brings waterfront villa for sale in Bellagio with private beach, boat house and double garage. Buy luxury home in Italy for investment

More Info link:

#5. Villa Corinna Cernobbio

Town: Cernobbio  | Area in sqm: 2500 | Bedrooms: 7 | Bathrooms: 5

Villa Corinna Cernobbio Villa Corinna Cernobbio

Renovated Italian home at Cernobbio, Lake Como for sale. Luxury villa Corinna has 7 bedrooms and 5 baths. Contact us to buy this luxury property.

We are in real estate industry more than one decade. Anything related to luxury Italian real estate properties, villas in lake como and houses for rent in lake como rea, please feel free to discuss with us. We assure you best deal with awesome experience.

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Property of the Week – Lakefront Villa Ripiego del Sole for Sale

At the western shore of the Lake Como situated in Laglio, Villa Ripiego del Sole offers a unique blend of historical architecture and modern amenities, the lakeside villa ushers with open space and unique design that captures the eye of every visitor. Available for sale currently, this Villa is definitely on the radar of many buyers. Here is a summary of amenities and facilities it offers. Read on.

Property of the Week – Lakefront Villa Ripiego del Sole for Sale

[Click to continue…]

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Lake Como Luxury Mansion for sale

Lake Como Luxury Mansion for sale.
1.5 hectars park
16 m heated indoor swimming pool
12 bedrooms
900 sq m main villa
Lake View
High return on investment
Share it!

Check this link for more details on this.

Lake Como Luxury Mansion for sale Lake Como Luxury Mansion for sale1

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7 Homes to Buy at Lake Como that Were Built Before 20th Century

One of the most sought after destinations to retire in Italy, Lake Como not only offers tranquility but some of the best architecturally designed homes too. There are many villas in Lake Como built in 19th century that make up for a perfect home. Read on to find out more about these historical homes for sale in Lake Como… To check these all 7 homes visit this website

Villa Estensi

Villa Lidè

Villa Lidè

Villa Monastero Villa Monastero

More info link


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Plan Your Trip to Lake Como Around These Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on fun, entertainment and delight during your stay in Lake Como. Get on high with upcoming events that will make your trip the most memorable one. Whether you are an art lover or adventurous soul, you have a chance to experience everything. Check this list of upcoming events of Lake Como.

Plan Your Trip to Lake Como Around These Upcoming Events

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Historical Villas at Torno, Lake Como for Sale & Rent – Villa Taverna

Villa Taverna for sale at Torno, Lake Como. This luxury historical property is designed in neoclassical style. Know more about property visit at You can also contact us by calling at +39 3394817794, or drop a mail at:

Historical Villas at Torno, Lake Como for Sale at Rent – Villa Taverna

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