Italy’s real estate market is not recovering, July ISI index shows

Italy’s real estate market 2015The Italian real estate sector is still weak , and has not been able to recover, according to the July ISI index published by Scenari Immobiliari.

The ISI index is based on the number of transactions that occurred over a set period. The index takes all of the market’s most important real estate sectors into account: residential, office space, commercial, industrial as well as the national one.

In July the index dropped to 98.5 from June’s 98.6. According to Scenari Immobiliari, the residential real estate sector showed small signs of growth. Investments in industrial real estate are pointing towards high quality properties, properties with a highly flexible usage as well as those with a high technological content.

By contrast, the service industry is leaning more in the direction of non-energy efficient properties, especially if these are located in the vicinity of public transport. The reason is that such type of properties offer cheaper rents compared to those boosting a higher energy efficiency rate

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