George Clooney’s Might Be Selling His Famous Italian Lake Como Villa

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Lake Como’s Italy  shores have always been the abode for aristocrats and other elite personalities. But during the past one decade, Lake Como province as gained much attention as being the place where the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney spends his spring and summer.

George Clooney’s Lake Como Villa News

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But apparently, we would no longer be able to call Lake Como as George Clooney’s town, as the star is reportedly planning to sell his beloved mansion Villa Oleandra in comuneLaglio. Clooney bought Villa Oleandra in 2002 during the shoot of his movie Ocean’s Twelve in $10 million. Now after 13 years, the asking price of the mansion is around $100 million.

George Clooney’s Italian Lake Como Villa News

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Over the years, Villa Oleandra has been in news constantly. Often for being rumored to be the location where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding ceremony will take place, often for being the place where many of Clooney’s famous friends stay over the summer, and of course as the place where the post-wedding ceremony of George Clooney’s marriage took place.

The official announcement of the villa’s sale is yet to be made. However, some sources have already mentioned that the two time Oscar winning star is already planning to buy another mansion in a more secluded part of Lake Como province.



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