Lakeside Waterfront Villa at Lenno, Lake Como [Historical Villa]

Villa I Platani

There are quite a few places around Lake Como, where Luxury and tranquility goes hand in hand. The Waterfront villa at Lake Como called Villa I Platani is one such lavish abode that ushers in modern amenities and antique furniture. This historical property strewn with mature trees was built in the 19th century and has one of the largest lakefront parklands on the lake.

Waterfront villa at Lake Como for Rent

The lakeside villa not only has open space and unique design but it captures the eye of every visitor.


The best thing about Villa I Platani is its location, which is brimming with old-world charm. The villa faces the lake with an unobstructed view from all sides. It is also surrounded by a garden with a unique charm. It has an English romantic style punctuated by exotic mature trees and shrubs. The villa has been preserved to its best and highest standards.

waterfront villa lake como for rent

About property

When it comes to privacy and security, Villa I Platani leaves no stone unturned.  High walls and hedges fence the villa, which not only offers ample privacy but also aids security. The property is also equipped with an alarm system that is connected to a security company offering you round the clock safety. The villa has a ground area of 6000 sqm, while the build area is 750 sqm.

Lake Como Real Estate


There are three floors in the villa with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The first floor has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with amazing lake views. The second floor has three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with one house cleaner’s room and en-suite bathroom. There is a large dining room beside the living area, a large kitchen, a breakfast nook (all with direct access to the garden), and a powder room.


Other Amenities

This is where things start to get interesting. The villa offers a perfect mix of antique furniture with modern creature comforts. The entrance to the villa is via an elegant foyer with two separate living areas having a piano and TV. The walls of the foyer and the living room are wainscoted. The stonewalls on the main floor are decorated with silk wallpaper. The combination of all architectural elements with sumptuous pieces of furniture and paintings creates an atmosphere of old-world luxury. The villa also comes with Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Other Features:

If you are interested in this villa, then there are certain features that you will be provided on request. This includes:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Boat Tours
  • Shopping with an expert guide
  • Seaplane tours
  • Special massage and spa treatments
  • Horse Trails
  • Sailing lessons
  • Hiking tours

Villa around Lake Como

All these features and amenities make Villa I Platani one of the most sought after Villa around Lake Como. Visit our website to know more about us.


About Real Estate Lake Como

Property at Lake Como is a group of consultants that help global real estate investors in searching and buying Lake Como property.
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